When it comes to painting the interior of your house, there are many types of paint and finishes to choose from.  There are different various characteristics of each, and it all depends on the look you want to achieve when it comes to picking the best one.

Acoustic paint is designed for use on acoustical tiles, which assist in preventing sound waves from leaving a room. This type of paint might be used in a music venue or home studio.  Alkyd resin paint is often used on trim, doors, and other high traffic areas, such as bathrooms. It is very thick and easily washable.  Dripless paint is an alkyd resin paint, ideal for ceilings.  Latex paint dries very quickly and is easy to clean.  It also has a new opacity that allows it to cover an already painted wall in just one coat. One coat paint is similar to alkyd resin and latex paint, but with additional pigment to improve their covering capabilities. Using a primer is a very important first step for most interior painting projects.  They smooth out uneven surfaces, provide a barrier between porous surfaces and certain finishing coats, and allow you to use an otherwise incompatible paint on a bare or previously painted surface.  Rubberbase paint is ideal for concrete and brick.  It has a strong smell and is quite expensive, but it is waterproof and durable.  Textured paint is a great option when you’re after a look that is similar to stucco or are trying to cover up a flawed surface effectively.  Textured paint is usually found on ceilings because of their sand-like grittiness, however, there are other options with no granules that can be textured with special tools.

If you are looking to paint your house, please contact John Serven and Sons. We specialize in all areas of paint and would happy to help you decide which is the best for what you want.

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