Your kitchen is one of the most used room in your home, and it should reflect your lifestyle. A properly designed kitchen will accommodate all your cooking needs, provide enough space for dining and offer plenty of storage. With so many factors to consider, we have conveniently made a checklist of what you should consider before remodeling your kitchen.


The space you have for your kitchen is vital to your layout. Homeowners should know that you can expand your space by knocking down walls or building an addition you’re your home.  With a small kitchen every inch counts, so maybe an island might not be the best use of space, but homeowners can properly utilize their space with cabinets and additional drawers.

In addition to being able to change the original size of your kitchen, homeowners should be aware that they can change the existing layout of their kitchen. Homeowners can move or add windows to places that allow more light in, or change where the door is placed. No one knows your kitchen better than you, so take the time to think about what you like about the current layout and what can be improved.

Question to ask yourself:

–    How do you move in your kitchen?

–    How effective is your kitchen when multiple people are cooking?

–    Does your current kitchen reflect your cooking routine?


How old are your appliances?  Ae your light fixtures in the wrong place? Does your sink leak from time to time? Depending how old your kitchen, you might need to have additional electrical or plumbing work done before installing your new cabinets and appliances. It is important to know that every kitchen is a different situation, and homeowners should understand certain remodeling can not be done unless the infrastructure is correct. Make sure to discuss with you designer and builder before purchasing anything.


Whether you are cooking for yourself or your family, you are going to need space to store all your cooking utensils and food. If your current kitchen is lacking space, you should consider additional cabinets or new drawers before adding another appliance. Be sure to account for all the items that will be stored in your kitchen before making your need layout.


The biggest factor to consider when remodeling your kitchen your budget. Between new appliances, improvements to your infrastructure, the cost of labor, new cabinets and countertops, the estimate for your remodeling maybe more than expected. Homeowners should be aware that remodeling a kitchen is an investment that only increases the value of the home. If the price of your estimate is too high, then you should consider making a list of the immediate problems with your kitchen and prioritizing them. This will help you make a better investment to your kitchen and home.

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