A few weeks ago, we received a call from a doctor’s office that needed some repairs. They told us that the roof was leaking, and that they wanted to knock down the wall between two operating rooms, and make it into one big room.  They wanted to have an estimate before they committed to anything. I drove to their office so that I could get a feel for what the job would entail; how many guys I needed to bring with me, what kind of materials, etc. After getting all the information I needed, I gave them an estimate, and a few days later, they called me and wanted to book our services.

We got to their office, had all the materials we needed already, and started working right away. We were able to complete the job on the scheduled time, and within the estimated price. The office managers, as well as the doctors were very satisfied with the job, and said that they would hire us again!

Here at John Serven and Son Construction, we always look to go above an beyond our customers’ expectations. We will always do our best to finish the job on time, within budget, and of course something that goes well beyond their expectations. If you have any questions about our services please, give us a call at 781-598-5977

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