Happy New Year! The start of the calendar year means your first opportunity to check off some of the items on your New Year’s Resolutions list. Very often, many people who make New Year’s Resolutions get complacent and put off their goals for days, which turn into weeks, and eventually months. One of the resolutions that often gets put off is home improvement. While some homeowners are very good at tackling home improvement projects as they are needed, the majority of us put them off until they are an absolute an emergency.

Remember those chipped tiles or broken door that you said you would get to last year? Yeah, they’re still there and desperately awaiting your attention. Perhaps you had planned to install new roofing or siding, but didn’t get around to it. Whatever the case may be, start off the New Year on the right foot and tacklet any outstanding items on your 2015 list!

Maintaining your home not only adds style and functionality for your family and guests, but also raises its value, which is important in the event that you sell. Renovation and remodeling can also help cut down on your energy bill by retaining heat in the fall and winter and air conditioning in the spring and summer.

J. Serven and Son Construction can help you tackle all of your home remodeling and renovation projects, allowing you to focus on your family, friends, career and other responsibilities. Don’t procrastinate like you did last year! Contact us today to request a free estimate on any project you need completed!

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