One of the most important features of your home is the exterior.  Quality, aesthetically appealing siding boosts the look of your house dramatically.  When choosing the type of siding for your house, you have a few options — brick, stucco, wood, aluminum, and vinyl siding, all having their own appearance and benefits.

Vinyl siding has been on the rise over the past few years, now owning 32% of the siding market for new homes. There are many advantages to using vinyl to cover the exterior of your home.  For one, it is basically maintenance free and never needs to be painted or sealed.  It is also impervious to termites and other wood insects.  The life expectancy is ten times the left expectancy of wood, and with insulating, it can increase energy efficiency up to 20%.  Vinyl siding also comes in many styles, patterns, and colors allowing the home owner to completely change and customize the look of their homes.  It is also more affordable than brick, stucco, wood, and aluminum.

If you are looking to change the exterior of your home, John Serven and Sons is here to help. We are happy to go over the benefits of the various types of siding and assist you in deciding in what steps you would like to take.

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