Roofs are the most hardworking parts of a house. No one really notices them, and if they do, it’s probably because something is wrong with it.  However, these overlooked, hardworking structures are one of the most important components of a house.

It is absolutely essential that a roof is sturdy. If it comes crashing down on our heads, it has failed at its job. We also want it to be long lasting. We also want it to keep out the weather and outdoor elements.  A roof’s main purpose is to protect the rest of the structure underneath it.  Whether it is a residential home or commercial building, the roof is key in any building.  Without a substantial, probably constructed and maintained roof, everything within the structure could be victim to nature and a beautiful building could be completely destroyed.

There are two big mistakes home owners make when it comes to roofing. The biggest mistake is not properly anticipating climatic conditions of the region of the house or using insufficient materials for these conditions.  The other mistake is not investing the necessary amount of money in a roof in order for it to last and do its job properly.  In the short run, cheap materials cost less, however, this leads to a cheap roof.  A well built roof can last between 20-50 years, depending on the materials used and the climate you live in. However, having a cheap roof often needs work or replacement in a third or half of that time. In the long run, it’s smarter to invest now in a well built roof.

If you are building a home or think your roof needs replacement, please contact John Serven and Sons. We pride ourselves in constructing well built, long lasting roofs and are happy to offer our services on your home.

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