A family in Weston MA called and asked us about our addition services. They told us that they have two kids, and they are planning on having at least one more, and needed a bigger house. They figured that it would be a lot easier to build an addition instead of moving into a new, larger home. In fact, three out of every five people said that they would rather build an addition than move into a new house.

We told them that with our 30 plus years of experience, we can meet the highest of standards, and perform the most complex of home additions no matter the style of your home. After telling them about our experience, adding on from the side, building up, adding a second floor, loft conversions, basement finishing, etc. they were excited to add on to their home.

They told us that they wanted to add a second floor with two bedrooms and a bathroom. After inspecting the house and the foundation, we found that the house was suitable and strong enough to handle a second level.

We set up a game plan, went over their goals and expectations, talked about their budget, and gave them an estimate finishing time. We were able to complete the job with plenty of time to spare, within budget, and most importantly, we not only met their expectations but exceeded it!

Here at John Serven and Son Construction, our goal is to always go above and beyond our clients’ expectations. With hard work, and the experience we have gained after 30 years, we feel fairly confident that we will provide superior contracting services. If you are interested in our addition services, or have questions about our other construction services, please give us a call at 781-598-5977.

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