Although it is the part of the home owners usually pay the least attention to, it’s one of the most important components of a house. The foundation of a house is the structure that transfers the load of the home to the underlying soil and rock.  It upholds the house so it does not sink, as well as anchors it to keep it from lifting up or being blown over by the elements.

It is important to know the warning signs of a failing foundation.  You may notice cracks on your exterior siding, separated block or brick joints, windows or doors misaligned, your floor sagging or sloping, cracks on your basement wall, or cracks in your flooring.  These are small problems, however, they can lead to bigger problems causing walls to buckle or movement of the whole foundation itself. An inch of movement in a house foundation could post danger to a person’s life, safety, and property.

It is important that a foundation be built on solid ground, is water resistant, able to resist fungus and insect infestation, natural gases, and the pressure of soil that the house stands on.  For more information about a consultation to look at your foundation or inquire about a new foundation, please contact John Serven and Sons.

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