Footing & Foundation

The most important thing in building or adding onto a house is the foundation. All good foundations start off with a strong footing. What exactly is footing? To put it simply, footing is concrete reinforced with steel that lays at the bottom part of your foundation. As the base of the foundation, it is sometimes nicknamed, “spread footing”, because it is spread wide.

Most commonly, we will pour concrete in the trench to build our footings. But there are some houses that will need what is often referred to as a stem wall. The stem wall is a portion of the foundation that sits above the ground. We create these foundations by pouring concrete into wood forms or laying concrete blocks.

Nobody can create footing and strengthening your foundation better than John Serven. He will help create a strong foundation to protect the stability of your home. He will also be sure to communicate with you every step of the way. Our goal is always to provide you with excellent customer service, as well as exceed all of our your expectations. If you have any questions about our foundation services, please give us a call at 978-360-0060.