Flooring & Tile

Sometimes flooring and tiling can be left out during the remodeling or addition projects. However, it is an important part of the remodeling process that can help bring the whole room together. For over 30 years J. Serven & Son Construction has been laying down tile and replacing flooring for countless customers.

When we lay down tile, we pay special attention to the tiny pieces of ceramic in between the cracks. These fragile pieces need preparation and special care. Otherwise, they won’t stand a chance of surviving the parade of feet or the sudden spills that usually occur in your bathroom or kitchen.

Before we start each job, we make sure that the flooring we are about to tile is structurally strong enough. When we install your tile, it is built to last forever, withstanding all damaging elements.

There are so many different types of tile for you to choose from: we can install any tile from granite, tile, wood, and other materials. Having the right tile will help bring your kitchen or bathroom together. We will also help you choose the design, color, and style that will best fit your room. If you have any questions, please call John Serven at 978-360-0060.