Dear John,

Here at the Salem YMCA, one of our most important goals has been to enrich the lives of kids in our community. Providing kids with a safe and nurturing place to go benefits everyone. By introducing them to experiences that will help them grow into responsible, successful adults, we make the community we love a better place to live, one child at a time.

YMCA programs teach kids the important values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. By participating in a variety of fun and rewarding activities, kids develop valuable skills while gaining confidence and self-esteem.

Our YMCA provides all children, adults and families, regardless of income, with opportunities to develop a healthy spirit, mind, and body. Through your gift, you continue to make that happen.

Thank You,



Dear John,

Once again, I am writing to thank you for the wonderful work you did on our home. We love the way our house looks. You and your crew took such care in making sure the shingles used this year matched the work you did last year. New windows always look nice, but the way you picture framed our windows makes them look terrific.

Just as last year, from the preplanning stage to the finished project, you were so thoughtful and thorough. We appreciated you checking daily on the progress as well as responding promptly to our questions and concerns.

It has been a pleasure working with you again. Please feel free to use as a reference.

Again, thank you.



I am writing this testimonial letter to express my sincere thanks and in hopes that I can give any potential customers confidence in your company’s abilities. My experience with you was positive from the beginning. Although a relatively small project, the request for a bid was met with your prompt attention, sales persistence and obvious knowledge. There were two other local companies bidding on this job. No one else projected the attention to detail and confidence that you did. Your willingness to drive me to a previous job site, so I could actually see your work, sealed the deal. We made an immediate decision to hire your company.

Without delay, you worked out a schedule that fits my needs but didn’t stretch your resources beyond capacity. That was a strong indicator that you intended to give my project all the attention it needed to be completed with quality workmanship.

As the job progressed, as will happen with most any construction on an old house, we found additional work that needed to be done to result in a sound and lasting structure. You explained each one and gave me options. Your recommendations also helped me choose the ones that absolutely must be done for ongoing safety and stability versus the ones that could wait until the next project. The honesty in presenting the preferred course of action, which was more expensive and an acceptable shortcut, with a lower price tag, allowed me to control my budget.

I will continue to call on you for future home renovation projects. I will also recommend you to others in need of new construction, repairs and renovation.


Karen Tandy, Client

On behalf of the Community Marathon group and AIDS Care North, please accept our deepest thanks for creating such a beautiful ramp for our project.

We appreciate your willingness to reach out in these difficult economic times, but also for your support of what we are working for. Because of your work, many people were educated about the difficulties which face people with disabilities every day. With your help we were able to continue our work both for disability awareness as well as for HIV/AIDS education and care.

The money we earned from the Community Marathon will benefit people in need. People also talked openly on the day of the marathon about HIv/AIDS and what we need to do to help continue the process of education. Your part was very much appreciated.

If there is ever anything we can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to let us know, Thank you.


JoAnne Maynard, Client